Dr. Albert Maydeu-Olivares


Alberto Maydeu-Olivares received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Barcelona and a Ph.D. in Quantitative Methods from the University of Illinois. He has been Assistant Professor of Econometrics and Statistics at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Professor of Marketing at the IE Business School in Madrid, and ICREA-Academia Professor at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Barcelona. 

Among other awards, he has received a Fulbright Scholarship, the American Psychological Association Dissertation Award (Division 5), the Catalan Young Investigator Award, and the Cattell (Young Investigator) award from SMEP. He is currently the President of the Psychometric Society and an editor of Psychometrika. He has edited the volumes Contemporary Psychometrics (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2005 –with J.J. McArdle), and the Handbook of Quantitative Methods in Psychology (Sage, 2009 – with R. Millsap) and has published over 60 articles in refereed journals

His research interest focus on structural equation modeling and item response theory (IRT), and more generally in developing new quantitative methods. His latest research has focused on developing goodness of fit statistics for very sparse multinomial data, and on IRT models for forced-choice items. Recent interests include instrumental variable as well as composite likelihood methods.