Dr. Lisa L. Harlow

Emerita Professor Psychology

Lisa L. Harlow, PhD, is an emerita professor of psychology at the University of Rhode Island whose focus is on increasing interest, retention, performance, and diversity in quantitative science. Since her 1985 PhD from UCLA, she has more than 100 publications, six books and received more than $8 million in funding, largely on multivariate methods, applications, and advancing underrepresented groups in science. She is the Multivariate Applications Book Series since 1996, and former editor of Psychological Methods and former associate editor of Structural Equation Modeling. She is also a past president of American Psychological Association Division 5 (Statistics) and the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology. Honors include two Scholarly Excellence Awards; Fellow status in 5 APA Divisions (1, 2, 5, 38, and 52), and APS; the APA Division 5 Jacob Cohen Award for Distinguished Contributions to Teaching and Mentoring; a Distinguished Fellowship at the Institute for Advanced Study, Melbourne, Australia; and a Fulbright Scholar Award at York University, Toronto, Canada.