Programs in Quantitative Psychology and Quantitative Methods

If you are a psychology major who likes math and who has kept up some math skills, consider applying to doctoral programs in quantitative psychology (or quantitative methods more generally, such as are often housed in schools of education). This is a small field that has many job opportunities in academics, research institutes and industry. A description of the specialty and a list of the doctoral programs is at

Programs usually accept students directly out of college and they usually provide complete fellowships, including tuition and stipend. Members of minority groups are especially welcome in this field.

If you have questions about quantitative psychology (which includes statistics, psychometrics and study design) or mathematical psychology (which includes mathematical models of perceptual, cognitive, and biological systems), feel free to contact a member of the society.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of current programs in Quantitative Psychology and Quantitative Methods. If you have suggestions for other programs that should be included, please send them to SMEP's Coordinating Officer.