Dr. Stanley A. Mulaik

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

BS Biology, Secondary Education University of Utah 1956,

MA  Psychology University of Utah 1962,

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology University of Utah 1963

Research Associate, Research Instructor, Psychology, University of Utah 1963-1966

Post Doctoral Fellow L. L. Thurstone Psychometric Lab, Univ. of North Carolina 1966-67

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Psychology, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill 1967-1970

Associate Professor of Psychology Georgia Institute of Technology 1970-1981

Professor of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology 1981-2000

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Georgia Institute of Technology 2000-Present

Major Books : Mulaik, S. A. (1972) The Foundations of Factor Analysis. New York: McGraw Hill

      James, L. R., Mulaik, S. A. , Brett, J. M.. (1982). Causal Analysis: Assumptions, Models, and Data.  

             Beverly Hills, CA: Sage

        Mulaik, S. A. (2009) Linear Causal Modeling with Structural Equations. Boca Raton FL, CRC Press,

               Taylor and Francis Group.

         Mulaik, S. A. (2010) Foundations of Factor Analysis (Revised).  Boca Raton FL. CRC Press Taylor and Francis.

         Mulaik, S. A. (2012) Interlingua Grammar and Method. Create Space (printer). 377 pages.