Dr. Scott M. Hofer

Professor, Harald Mohr, M.D. and Wilhelma Mohr, M.D. Research Chair in Adult Development and Aging

Replication and comparative research across countries, cultures, and birth cohorts is a high scientific priority. My research is on the identification and explanation of individual differences in developmental and aging-related change, within-person dynamics of psychological and physiological processes using intensive measurement designs, and advances in research methodology focused on measurement and analysis of change. I am Program Director of the Integrative Analysis of Longitudinal Studies on Aging (NIA 1P01AG043362) research network, comprised of over 45 longitudinal studies with an emphasis on international comparison and replication of aging and health-related change in cognition and well-being. I am a fellow of APA Divisions 5 and 20, Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, and Gerontological Society of America.